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This company is the America’s newest air carrier which wants to become # 1 in organizing transcontinental flights to the capital cities of Europe. At the moment Baltia Air lines is in the process of undergoing FAA air carrier certification. And they plan to start scheduled operations right after that.

What makes the owners of Baltia Air be so sure about the future of the company. Why do they believe that can not just survive but expand? The answer is in economic matters.

Presently the word airline is a synonym to bankruptcy and failure. It happened so because of huge debt/equity ratio of many famous companies which makes the business non-attractive for investors. Just imagine that in May 2015 for every $1 that a shareholder has invested, the average airline company has $105 in liabilities. But the leaders of this segment like American Airlines Group has a ratio of 684.59. Only few airlines may boast of good financial circumstances. And Baltia Airlines is one of them. With minimal liabilities and a huge potential for profits, Baltia Air Lines projects to be profitable within its first year of regular scheduled flights.

The second reason for hope is its policy to fleet creating. TOP management of Baltia has decided to use only one type of jet - wide-bodied B-747 aircraft. Such attitude seriously cuts maintaining costs, costs for education, certification and so on. And it gives the certainty to possible flights geography - the US - Europe only.

Baltia Air Lines is headquartered at JFK International Airport in New York with a base of operations at Willow Run Airport outside of Detroit, Michigan. The most strong product of the company is 8 hrs direct flight from/to Saint-Petersburg once a week. Then it will gradually increase its frequency to reach 5 flights a week. Other destinations are also possible but the route to Saint-Petersburg is the most competitive offer. Other airlines can offer just non-direct flights that take between 11 and a half to 18 hours long.

Baltia Airlines will provide high quality passenger service, and reliable cargo and mail transportation as well. The carrier wants to be the most reliable business partner for many companies. Official website of Baltia Air Lines -

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